12:17 AM

No one changes.

An observation:

People never change. Simple.

I think it could be better said that we naturally grow into ourselves.

Who I currently am is not very different, if at all, than who I knew myself to be when I was 7 years old. My interests inherently remain and it's easy to say that my confusion has made a nest and laid eggs.

I watch as the people I've known for years "grow" but they haven't grown at all they are the same as I have always known only enhanced.

In this moment it feels as though I've found my lost self... however moments seemingly pass and tomorrow I may perceive my full circle in a alternative light.


Anonymous said...

i agree.

i think the older we get, the more we just become more of who we are. it doens't matter if we like that person who we become, we will end up being them enentually anyway.

people try to be less impatient: they will loose their temper in the end.
people try to quit smoking: and then someone dies and they start right back up again. people try to loose weight...and then it comes back. we can change things for a time, but the real us is totally out of control.
stephen bell