3:07 AM

I just smudge my mascara and I don't really care how you feel about it.

here we are... something fucking wrong with a world when a woman of 30 yr's knows that she is supposed to worry about her fucking black masecra around her coon eyes.


true love is what we make. he was ... everything thing I needed and he knows i was everything he wants. thats what pains. many yrs many love... but i know im what he wants. im everything he wants.

I'm waiting ... till that day .. I take you home, know that I'm waiting. ..
or not.
I'm done.
dont wanna be. will be with no question. ... doesn't mean i wanna be.

Hunted by his grace - the beatuty ... it's echos, i still hear him calling... calling me.
soooooo far away... you've gone so lone... till that day - Haunted by your grace
you know I’m falling
so cool without you
always in my mind
I hear you calling ...

I saw. I see. Im not so blind I wish to be. I see. let me ... let me .. please be .. the blind of me.