5:44 PM

A Flipping Page in Time

Time progresses to no dismay and in a breath I find myself turning, grasping for these wasted moments and my inestimable friends. For the most part I realize and can fully accept lives moved on however I do have my intense moments of missing these 'friends' like a child who doesn't want to toss that old toy that she never plays with and has properly grown out of.

Having said that, these past and upcoming weeks prove interesting. An email told me that one of my longest known friends, Marie, was coming to visit me for the night with her boyfriend whom I also know and enjoy. Marie didn't show up which is was about as surprising as a dog barking (she's very unmeditated) . Shortly after my supposed visit with Marie an ex IM'd me with a whole world of Sigfrid and Roy illusions of how much he missed me and a bunny that was really a rat along side a rose imersed of thorns. Oh how those thorns bled me when we were together and the rat no longer looks to me like a cute little bunny. Four days following I'm arranging a trip to Edmonton and discover a multitude of Facebook messages from those that I haven't seen in more than 5 years asking if we can hang out. Some I have arranged and others I just don't have time for. I guess those ones aren't so inestimable. And the last page of my history becoming present was one of my best friends ever asking me if she could visit next weekend for a night of our typical town flipping!

I'm too analytical for my health and wonder what all of this means. Am I going to die?

My time flips and turns creating a surreal place that I wonder if I truly would like to explore.