12:17 AM

No one changes.

An observation:

People never change. Simple.

I think it could be better said that we naturally grow into ourselves.

Who I currently am is not very different, if at all, than who I knew myself to be when I was 7 years old. My interests inherently remain and it's easy to say that my confusion has made a nest and laid eggs.

I watch as the people I've known for years "grow" but they haven't grown at all they are the same as I have always known only enhanced.

In this moment it feels as though I've found my lost self... however moments seemingly pass and tomorrow I may perceive my full circle in a alternative light.

2:45 AM

Don't Mind Love

Sometimes people would rather be lied to when told they are loved than not be told at all.

Truth looses it's meaning when the feeling of love is at risk.

The heart so often has great power over the mind. - Beautiful.


Depeche Mode: Lie to Me

Come on and lay with me
Come on and lie to me
Tell me you love me
Say I'm the only one

Experiences have a lasting impression
But words once spoken
Don't mean a lot now
Belief is the way
The way of the innocent
And when I say innocent
I should say naive
So lie to me
But do it with sincerity
Make me listen
Just for a minute
Make me think
There's some truth in it

Promises made for convenience
Aren't necessarily
What we need
Truth is a word
That's lost its meaning
The truth has become
Merely half-truth
So lie to me
Like they do it in the factory
Make me think
That at the end of the day
Some great reward
Will be coming my way